Thursday, January 22, 2015

More observations from CHA

 I am not doing a comprehensive analysis of the CHA show. I just did not make it everywhere. I took a lot of classes and I do get tired and sore if I overdo. I was there several days and did get to check out quite a bit, though only just a few in any depth. This is where I miss the two shows a year. I will try to get to the Paper Arts show this summer where I'll check out the collections more thoroughly.
There are plenty of good review spots on the web and I'll direct you to some of them at the end of this post.
As any of you following CHA on the internet know - planners, multi-media and party were seen everywhere at the show. The show seemed smaller than in past and still featured a good number of paper lines though Basic Grey and Fancy Pants and once again, October Afternoon were missing.
A trip to my LSS (local scrapbook stores) is going to be necessary. I do like checking things out in person. Yes, I am fortunate to still have local stores, despite my favorite being long gone from the area.
Bright pinks and turquoise/light teal with plenty of gold were prominent - great bright colors for cards. Here's a quick look at some #American_Crafts products

Some manufacturers, like #Lawn_Fawn, did tone their colors in a couple of lines down a bit to fit the needs of scrapbook folk who want their photos to shine on the page. I always love the cute elements in Lawn Fawn's stamps and am happy they have dies to match these. You can get some lovely personalized die cuts for your pages that way. I've tried to use more cute elements on my scrapbook pages. Tiffany Tillman kindled my love of "cute" elements and they do help tell stories and sometimes add that bit of humor.
Here are a few treats from #Lawn_Fawn.
(Sorry about the slight blurriness in the photos. I need to get that lens checked out.)

Here are a few mixed media glimpses. Don't displays like #Faber-Castell and #Kirarina make you feel like you are in a candy shop? #Prima has some lovely new mixed media products, too.

Note that a number of European manufacturers were seen at the show. I'm showing #Indigo Blu and #Pion here

Metal was big, too. Lots of gold at Teresa Collins. Shimelle had silver. Elsewhere, copper and iron looks both black and rusted were seen. Loved the mercury glass effect one can get with the mirror finish at Rustoleum! Glitter, lots of glitter. One of my favorite lines, that I looked at in more detail, was this one from crate paper, Craft Market.

I think that "fenestration" or seeing through windows is a popular design theme these days. In scrapbooking it's popular with the use of die cutting machines giving us negative spaces. Transparencies were popular at CHA, too. Especially mixed with foils. Stencils can give us that idea of a grid or design over a pattern, Memphis design comes to mind with a mix of pattern, too. In home decor and fashion we find lace, lace-ups, lattice, wire construction, peek-a-boo triangles and burned holes. I expect some of those ideas may find their way to be translated to paper.

Some sites to check out for CHA reports


Scrapbook Update


Live from CHA - Charity Wings

May Flaum Designs

Bib Pattern Give Away

The Craft and Hobby Association show is not just about paper crafts. Fabric crafts are also a part of the show.

Lorine Mason is a very talented designer who gave me a fun bib pattern to give away on my blog.
I'm a recent step great-grandmother; so, as we were talking about crafty subjects like the Digiscrap Geek Podcast and sewing we were also discussing babies. Lorraine had this pattern collection of adorable bibs.
This 10 page pattern includes full size patterns for the four featured bibs, supply list, and very complete construction instructions.
If you love to sew and have some friends or relatives with little ones this should be just the crafty treat for you. Looks like a lot of fun to make these.
If you want a chance to win this pattern please leave a comment here on this post. You MUST leave your e-mail address or have a link to your e-mail on Google to be eligible to win.
Entries for the drawing will be accepted until February 13. The winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My resolution scrapbook page using a GIS template

 Supplies: Sketch/template from GIS membership template library – Kim Watson, kits – Just Jaimee (at The_Lilypad) Storyteller September and October 2014 collections,styles – Mommyish, fonts – Courier new regular, Gill Sans Ultrabold 
This page was posted on the blog at Get It Scrapped today.
The membership has access to over 110 Photoshop templates and sketches searchable by number of photos and layout type. Check out the article at Get It Scrapped's blog where you can see how other creative team members interpreted the sketch.
There are lots more wonderful benefits of membership at Get It Scrapped. 
Even nonmembers can access some great classes on the site and are welcome to attend our on-line crop on this Saturday, January 17. If you have a headset and microphone you can join in the audio conversation. If you do not have a headset and microphone, there is a chat box for typed conversations and links. (Earbud headsets and basic computer built in mikes can work.) If you have a camera you can let us see what you are working on and one person at a time can even share their screen if they wish.
Now, about this layout: 
“I picked this sketch because I am a fan of Kim Watson’s delightful layered bits style. It used one photo and I’ve wanted to do a page with this story and photo of my weight loss for some time.”
“I found the multiple colors in the photo a bit challenging at first but the multiple pieces in the template was a help because I found I could incorporate enough color in the elements to unify the page. I used two kits by the same designer to be sure all the multiple parts worked together and I kept pretty much to the structure of the page though I did rotate it.”

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Here I am, in Anaheim, curled up in bed and thinking of things I still need to organize for my visit to the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. I'll be riding a scooter about the show floor Saturday through Tuesday and doing my best to see where some of the trends I've spotted are showing up.
Since I'm so very tired right now and expecting an early start tomorrow, I'll just briefly mention a few trends I've noticed.
One is contour lines. You know those from topographic maps. I've seen them popping up a lot in design and will be looking to see if they show up in any collections.
Another design trend I've spotted is fenestration Architects and medical folk know this term. Windows or openings in a membrane. It's of an over all design versus just openings cut by a die or electronic cutter. The openings are not necessarily regular like a lattice. Actually the spaces where light passes through a fern leaf come more to mind. Ferns are important now and this may be a part of the general trend. Burned out areas are another way designers have been getting these somewhat asymmetrical patterns. I saw some cool stencils from the Canadian company Magenta that fit this trend too.  I'll be looking to see if more companies are exploring this idea. I think there may be a new fern stamp or two out there also.
The quirky boldness of Memphis design is in vogue. Not sure if that is a trend that will make it to paper crafts, we'll see.
Color products seem to be everywhere. I'm sure there will be some interesting innovations. I like Marion Smith's pigments for creating ones own sprays. There are several other products around I'm anxious to check out.
I'll look to my notes for other thoughts about trends and write a bit about them though it may be after the show. I think I'm a bit overbooked. Another reason I'd best fall asleep.
More later and I hope to get some good photos, too.

1/22/2015 Here are a few photos illustrating contour lines - the top center paper from #Websters_Pages, Dream in Color collection and the inside treatment of a book from #Books By Hand

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and more cards for Just 12 Days

copyright Karen Poirier-Brode 2015, Just 12 Days

Hope everyone is having a fabulous New Year!
I played around today learning a bit more from Danielle Young at Scrapaneers.
You can download these cards to print subject to the usual rules re: personal use only at Just 12 Days Card png Download Google Drive
I had fun creating this set of #pocket cards. The candles are not specific to any holiday, just ideas from several.
Don't forget to get out your glitter glues and add them to the card sets.
The classes Danielle teaches are great and really helped me recall things I've learned before in Illustrator. I highly recommend you check out Scrapaneers for classes. Lots of fun and useful stuff there.
I probably should have done more around the house today since time is counting down to my trip to CHA. I've been studying design trends and it will be fun to see how many of them are incorporated into the new products.
Craft and Hobby Association sneak peaks are available at Nancy Nally's site Scrapbook Update. Do check them out and let me know if you have any questions about any of the products or designs that you'd like me to check out.
I'm working on my trend update post and will try and post it before I leave for the show.
Hope that 2015 is fabulous!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Interesting New Scrap Stuff

Something lovely I'm finding in the new releases, for the upcoming Craft and Hobby Association show in Anaheim, are Prima's color bloom sprays in delightful new shades of Impress Gold, Berry Wine, Boysenberry, Deep Teal and Yellow Mustard.
The Pima markers look intriguing, too. It will be interesting to see how they compare with alcohol markers currently popular in the market.
In fact, all of Prima's mixed Media products look very beautiful and intriguing and will surely merit a stop at their booth at CHA.
Today I purchased a set of papers from Studio Calico. Looks like they will be diving into Digi products full force. It will be interesting to see what develops in the digital scrapbook market this next year. I'm sure there will be lots to discuss on The Digiscrap Geek Podcast !
Christmas Day and Boxing Day were delightful fun with family and friends. Today is going to be quiet. So nice to look around on this third day of Christmas to a clean and decorated home and a peaceful weekend. I'll be getting the craft room in order and doing some financial year end matters and some relaxing.
Hope you are enjoying your end of the Christmas season. Thinking about resolutions for the New Year yet? Any new products or lines of craft products that have you intrigued?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just 12 Days scrap designs and a little art

Some Pocket Cards for a "Just 12 Days" Project

I'm pretty new to designing but I did want to play a little. The cards use the deep colors of the palette I chose. I am putting into play some of what I learned from Danielle Young's Pocket Pops 2 Adobe Illustrator Class and Pocket Pops 1 Adobe Illustrator Class at Scrapaneers. If I have time, I'll make a few more cards using more white with these colors as accents. It was a fun exercise. They are available as a free download at the link I've provided above.

It's been a great adventure over the past couple of years to begin to learn art and art new media. I've a long way to go in the process but I do enjoy exploring art and design. I overdid the last few months and my body is telling me to moderate my activity. It's been very enjoyable, nonetheless.

Here is the Dia de Los Muertos shrine project I made. I'm pretty proud of this and plan to learn more ceramics. I need help carrying the heavy pieces but find my fellow students and teacher willing to help. I like the way work can evolve slowly. I've found the loss of control a bit daunting. Clay and glazes do what they want. In student classes, things get broken, glazes drip on other pieces, colors do not turn out as expected. Happy accidents happen, too. This piece fortunately did come out as I envisioned it and I'm delighted to have it. I wish the colors of the glazes showed up better. This was a friend's cell phone photo. I'll see if I can get a better photo now that the piece is at home. I'll try to take photos of some of my other completed art and post that, too.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Try not to overdo.